Covid 19 Prevention Policy

We live in unprecedented challenging times.

As the situation with COVID-19 evolves day-to-day, our top priority during these uncertain times continues to be the health and safety of our co-workers, customers, and communities.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve noticed many stores creating and implementing workflows specific to the new COVID-19 environment. These workflows include canceling orders to high-risk areas due to shipping challenges, alerting customers and fulfillment teams about on-site pickups, and tracking and thanking customers for purchasing items during the pandemic.

Here, at Sand Shores & Sandals, we’re taking care of both - the community and our employees. That is essential to us.

All employees have been trained on proper handwashing protocol, work areas always are cleaned before shipping each package, and all employees wear vinyl gloves and face masks, especially when packaging the orders. Your safety and health are our fundamental priorities.